From Our Family to Yours

Our entrepreneurial leadership team hails not only from the cannabis industry but also from other highly-regulated businesses including energy, pharmaceuticals and spirits. With each decision, we strive to create a different kind of cannabis company that prioritizes people as much as plants. We have a demanding vision of excellence that is imbued in every detail as we invest in our teams and our communities. We believe this dedication results in better and happier, well, everything. We encourage you join us on our journey.

It Takes a Family

From the moment we transplant the first cutting, renewing the life cycle of this miraculous plant, to the moment that our products are enjoyed by you, each member of the Sozo family takes great pride in doing their part to nurture our plants into their fullest potential, whether ultimately for your medical or recreational usage.  The Sozo family takes extraordinary pride in not only producing the finest cannabis products, but doing so in a manner that takes no shortcuts nor ever sacrificing purity and quality.

Community Engagement

It is not through singular actions or one-time grand gestures that a community is uplifted. Sozo’s team enthusiastically supports educational advancement, issues of housing and food security, cannabis equity, policy reform, juvenile justice and criminal record expungement. Sozo’s five community pillars are inspired by our past and represent our continuing commitment to the future of the communities where we call home.

  • Racial Justice
  • Food Security
  • Housing Security
  • Educational Access
  • Small Business Investment

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Form follows function.

Our carefully cultivated offerings are not only aesthetically pleasing but also some of the finest cannabis products that you’ll ever experience. See what makes us different.


Better Dabs await.

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