Dablicator™ Oil Applicator

Dabble with precision.

Premium cannabis extracts in a click.

Sozo premium extracts are potent and flavorful, consistently high in cannabinoids and terpenes. The Dablicator™ Oil Applicator makes precise, measured serving as easy as a click. Naturally, we teamed up to offer the best cannabis oil experience around. Sozo is the exclusive carrier of Dablicator™ in Michigan.

Live Resin Dablicator™

70 - 85% THC

This delightfully dabbable cannabis extract is available in a variety of cultivar combinations. Enjoy maximized terpene flavors, fully-activated cannabinoids, and a smooth finish. Our most popular Dablicator™, Live Resin can be smoked or added to food or drink.


Distillate Dablicator™

85 - 97% THC

A powerful and pure cannabis extract, Sozo distillate is versatile due it’s minimal flavor profile and high percentage of THC. Twax a joint, top off a bowl, or make your own edibles, but if you prefer to dab, go with the Live Resin Dablicator™.


RSO Dablicator™

70 - 85% THC

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)* is a highly concentrated full spectrum cannabis oil retaining the terpenes, fats, waxes and minor cannabinoids of the plant. RSO is earthy and slightly peppery. It can be added to food, hot and cold drinks, ingested directly or sublingually (under your tongue), but is not a smokable extract.

*RSO administration is a common area of investigation for people with cancer diagnoses seeking knowledge about alternative and non-invasive treatment options.

Dabble with versatility.

Using Your Dablicator™

Dablicator™ Oil Applicators are patented, measured delivery devices engineered by cannabis experts for a clean, consistent, zero-waste experience. The tool’s Direct Dab Tip™, combined with the twist-and-click measurement and dispensing, ensures precise application and no clean-up, every time.

Snap-on cap that protects tip and prevents leakage

Heat-resistant metal Direct Dab Tip™ for direct application

Zero Waste Tank™ holds 1ml of oil & dispenses with no residual waste in tip

Bi-directional twist-up dosage selector – 55mg increments

Twist, click and push for a precise and measured serving

Step 1

Remove snap-on cap

Step 2

Twist to set amount 

Step 3

Press button to dispense oil

Tips & Tricks

Warm oil and Direct Dab Tip™ for improved flow. Twirl or pinch off tip to stop oil at the end of application. Reverse twist to reset/reduce the serving button.

Find the THC servings for your Dablicator™

Oil Per Serving
THC Per Serving

70-97% THC

Compare to
1 click

11 mg

7.7 – 10.67 mg

1 average gummy
1 black line (5 clicks)

55 mg

38.5 – 53.35 mg

4-5 gummies
1 red line (3 black lines) (15 clicks)

165 mg

115.5 – 160.05 mg

11-15 gummies

Dabble with Dablicator™